Imagining if Tesla added an Ethereum account to all vehicles…

Assuming you know what NFTs are, you might be asking: “What are composable NFTs?”. Well, lets take a look at wrapped Bitcoin:

wBTC is an Ethereum token and a wrapper over Bitcoin locked up on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, the…

Gnosis safe is a brilliant multi-sig wallet allowing individuals and teams to secure their assets on Ethereum. As of 1st September 2020, there are over 1bn USD in digital assets secured by Gnosis. …

Liftoff at December 1 @ 12pm UTC 🚀

The moment Vitalik tweeted about the news referencing the 16384 * 32 ETH target

What an historic moment for Ethereum! The required staking target of 32 ETHby 16,384 validators in order to launch the ETH 2.0 network has well and truly been…

It all starts with a Rainbow 🌈

NearProtocol’s hackathon in collaboration with @gitcoin put the Near blockchain firmly on my radar.

I’m not here to discuss the merits of different blockchains but I believe we are likely to interface with many chains in the future and we may want to…

Local subgraph development for time savings and sanity

If you’re looking at adding a subgraph for your Dapp through the The Graph or have already done so but your development cycle involves deploying to a running test network in order to test your contracts and or subgraph changes, then you may want to consider running the stack locally.

Drizzling some Web 3 candy on your Vue.js apps


Drizzle is a collection of front-end libraries that make writing dapp user interfaces easier and more predictable.

Coming from the Truffle guys, Drizzle is mainly an abstraction over the web3.js library built by the ethereum foundation for the purpose of interacting with Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. …

Vincent de Almeida

Fullstack Web 3 Buidler

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